Rehab Aide -Physical Therapy - Full Time

Sayre, PA, United States
Aug 19, 2021


Job Description

Guthrie Entity

Robert Packer Hospital


Days 8 hr

Pay Grade


FLSA Status


Main Function

The incumbent shall be responsible for aiding and assisting licensed therapists, the cardiac rehab team and other staff in the provision of rehabilitation services. The Rehab Aide participates in operational aspects such as department cleanliness, appropriate stocking of supplies, patient transport, assisting therapy staff in safe patient care. The incumbent shall also be responsible for providing secretarial support to all rehab staff. The incumbent shall demonstrate accountability for and contribution to development of departmental initiatives, insurance verification, quality improvement, problem solving, and productivity enhancement in a flexible fashion.


The incumbent shall, at a minimum, have a high school diploma or equivalent GED. Possessing excellent people skills is necessary. Computer skills required.  Experience working as a secretary preferred.


Education/experience in working with patients throughout their lifespan.

How To Apply

Guthrie is an equal opportunity employer. To apply for a position at Guthrie please visit


Job Info

Aug 19, 2021


United States

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