SBO Financial Counselor - Corporate Patient Access - Full Time

Sayre, PA, United States
Jun 11, 2021


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The Guthrie Clinic



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The Single Billing Office Financial Counselor is responsible for interacting with patients in person or by phone to ensure all avenues of reimbursement or assistance are pursued to guarantee payment for uninsured and underinsured patients. The financial counselor must use sound judgment and decision-making skills to ensure that all options for resolving open patient balances have been pursued.
Duties include counseling of patients with respect to patient billing policies, payment arrangements in compliance with self-pay payment arrangement guidelines and eligibility of governmental need-based programs as appropriate.
The financial counselor gathers the required documentation to determine patient responsibilities for specified office and hospital based procedures and confirms that all processes related to insurance eligibility and verification utilizing electronic eligibility tools, payer websites, and calls to payers are performed in order to discuss any financial responsibilities with the patient. The financial counselor is responsible for accurate and timely processing to make determination of eligibility for The Guthrie Clinic Charity Care Policy.
Communications with the patients will be held prior to, at time of service or after services have been provided and will result in the collection of patient responsibilities in full, the establishment of a payment plan or applicable financial assistance applications to determine the patients ability to pay in accordance with Federal Income Guidelines and Financial Aid Laws.
Guides patients to establish a means of meeting their financial obligations in a manner which protects the financial standing of Guthrie Medical Group, Robert Packer Hospital, Corning Hospital, Troy Community Hospital, Towanda Memorial Hospital and Cortland Medical Center.


High School diploma or equivalent required, Associates Degree preferred.


Minimum of 2 years applicable, transferable, work experience required.

Background in health care financial services, medical billing and insurance regulations preferred.

Strong organizational and customer service skills a must. 

Experience with office software and spreadsheets preferred.   

Requires excellent listening, verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.

Aptitude for financial equations, speed in calculation, attention to detail and ability to multi-task.

Demonstrates excellent customer services skills at all times while working closely with fellow employees when situations require assistance with complex issues. 

How To Apply

Guthrie is an equal opportunity employer. To apply for a position at Guthrie please visit


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Jun 11, 2021


United States

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