Surgical Technician - Full-Time/Days/Rotate - Operating Room - Corning, NY

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Corning, NY, United States
Jul 6, 2021


Job Description

Guthrie Entity

Corning Hospital


Days/Rotate  - 8 hr

36 Hours/week 

Pay Grade



CPR / AED Certification

FLSA Status


Main Function

Participates in surgical procedures, assists the registered nurse in-patient care, maintains aseptic technique, and prepares sterile and non-sterile supplies and equipment. Anticipates the needs of the surgeon as required.


High School Grad or Equivalent



  1. Has successfully completed a nationally accredited educational program for surgical technologists and holds and maintains a certified surgical technologist credential administered by a nationally accredited surgical technologist credentialing organization;
  2. Has completed an appropriate training program for surgical technology in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Public Health Service Commissioned Corps;
  3. Provides evidence that the person was employed as a surgical technologist in a healthcare facility for a cumulative period of one year, occurring within the four years immediately prior to January 1, 2015; or
  4. Is in the service of the federal government, to the extent the person is performing duties related to that service.
  5. When unsuccessful recruitment with experience of #1 or #2, an LPN candidate could be considered that has completed an accredited school and completed licensure for LPN. Also have at least one year as a practicing LPN. 

Employment Value Proposition

How To Apply

Guthrie is an equal opportunity employer. To apply for a position at Guthrie please visit


Job Info

Jul 6, 2021


United States

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