Clinical Nurse Educator - Labor & Delivery - Full Time

Sayre, PA, United States
Dec 12, 2019


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Robert Packer Hospital



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The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator, in collaboration with the Director of Inpatient LDRP, provides clinical nursing and administrative leadership for inpatient labor and delivery services at Robert Packer Hospital (First Impressions Birthing Center) and the Birthing Center at Corning Hospital. The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator facilitates an atmosphere of interactive management and the development of collegial relationships among nursing personnel and other team members.  The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator promotes a climate for effective performance and the allocation of available resources to promote efficient, effective, and quality nursing/patient care.  The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator works collaboratively with the Medical Staff leadership and contributes to the strategic planning process, day-to-day operations, integration of consistent standards of care, policies, procedures and attainment of organizational goals.

The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator is responsible for assessment, planning, implementing, and evaluating clinical education processes in Inpatient LDRP and developing an obstetrical safety program, in collaboration with the Director and Medical Staff Leadership.. Adult learning theories are utilized when formulating and implementing educational programs/activities for staff, clients, and the community. The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator acts as a consultant and change agent in the development of standards of care for clinical practice; utilizes and applies change theory in matters related to clinical practice; applies interpersonal skills and fosters communication when interacting with staff, patients, and other members of the healthcare organization.  The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator is self-directed in maintaining clinical competencies; pursues continued excellence in clinical practice; is self-motivated in identifying own strengths and limitations; and seeks to improve areas of weakness.  The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator is administratively responsible for the supervision of other people, in collaboration with Director to assure that standards of clinical practice are met. 


The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator must be currently licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing as well as the New York State Board of Nursing.  The Inpatient OB Clinical Nurse Educator must possess a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing.  Attainment of a Masters Degree in Nursing is required.  Certification in obstetrical nursing specialty is required


Candidate must have five years recent clinical experience in obstetrics, including labor and delivery, and demonstrated abilities in teaching, leadership skills, and clinical nursing practice.

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Dec 12, 2019


United States

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