Central Supply Technician - Sterile Processing - Full Time

Corning, NY, United States
Nov 21, 2019


Job Description

Guthrie Entity

Corning Hospital

This position is part of the Corning Hospital bargaining unit. 


Days/Rotate - 8 hr

Pay Grade


FLSA Status


Main Function

Is responsible for performing decontamination, high level disinfection and sterilization of medical/surgical and gastroenterology instruments/equipment. Prioritization and coordination of work for OR, clean and leak test endoscopes, assist with the assembly of case carts for OR, maintenance of event related sterility and monitoring of instrument repair.


High School Grad or Equivalent


  1. Has successfully passed a nationally accredited central service exam for central service technicians; and holds and maintains one of the following credentials administered by a nationally accredited central service technician credentialing organization: certified registered central service technician credential; certified sterile processing and distribution technician credential; or a substantially equivalent credential;
  2. Provides evidence that the person was employed or otherwise contracted for the services as a central service technician in a healthcare facility for a cumulative period of one year, occurring within the four years immediately prior to January 1, 2015; or
  3. A central service technician who does not meet the requirements shall have 18 months from the date of hire to obtain the certified registered central service technician credential or the certified sterile processing and distribution technician credential.
  4. Central service technicians will also be required to complete twelve hours of continuing education annually.

How To Apply

Guthrie is an equal opportunity employer. To apply for a position at Guthrie please visit www.guthrie.org/careers


Job Info

Nov 21, 2019


United States

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