Surgical Technician - OB/GYN - Full Time

Sayre, PA, United States
Nov 1, 2019


Job Description

Guthrie Entity

Guthrie Medical Group-Sayre


Days 8 hr

Pay Grade


FLSA Status


Main Function

Participates in surgical procedures specific to obstetrics, including c/sections, tubal ligations and emergency hysterectomies.  Maintains the LDRP Operating Rooms in a constant state of readiness. Works with other members of the LDRP patient care team to deliver care to specific patient populations- i.e., intrapartum and postpartum patients, gynecological patients and newborns. Provides general support tasks (clinical and non-clinical) for assigned patient care areas including unit clerk functions and stocking of patient care areas.   


The Obstetric Technician must be a graduate of an approved Surgical Technician program or LPN with specialized training or experience. 


 Minimum experience of 2 years is preferred.

Employment Value Proposition

How To Apply

Guthrie is an equal opportunity employer. To apply for a position at Guthrie please visit


Job Info

Nov 1, 2019


United States

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