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Sayre, PA, United States
Aug 29, 2019


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Robert Packer Hospital


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Basic Life Support
CPR / AED Certification
Registered Nurse

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Main Function


The registered nurse (RN) is accountable for the coordination of nursing care, including direct patient care, patient/family education and transitions of care. The RN supports professional nursing practice across practice settings and across the continuum of care to meet the needs of the patient and family. The RN will function within the Robert Packer Hospital Nursing Professional Practice Model.  The ANA Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice provide a basis for the practice of the RN. The RN provides leadership through activities such as preceptor role, informal and formal leadership roles, and quality improvement efforts. The RN delegates patient care according to skill level, experience, patient acuity, fiscal accountability and availability of resources. The RN possesses excellent communication skills; is skillful in mentoring and teaching; and may participate on committees or projects.

Essential Functions:

Operating Room nurses will provide Patient Centered perioperative care to our patients and their families / significant others through collaboration with other healthcare team members.

  1. Provides age-specific, culturally competent, ethical care within legal standards of practice based on AORN best practice recommendations and regulatory requirements.
  2. Assesses the patient before, during, and after the procedure and implements intervention as appropriate.
  3. Identifies perioperative risk factors based on patient’s risk associated with age and co-morbidities in conjunction with surgical risk based on procedure(s) being performed.
  4. Implements interventions based on individualized perioperative risk factors to mitigate those risks and maintain hemodynamic / system stability.
  5. Maintains a safe perioperative environment through implementation of safety practices such as infection prevention practices, fire prevention practices, nerve protection practices with appropriate positioning, universal protocol practices, surgical counting practices, equipment safety practices, and specimen collection practices.
  6. Performs Circulator Nurse Functions including activities of the operating room outside the sterile field and managing the nursing care of the surgical patient in the room as well as coordinating and documenting the care of the patient throughout the procedure.
  7. Performs OR Scrub responsibilities and functions including anticipating, planning for, and responding to the needs of the patient, surgeon, and other team members and is vigilant in assessing the patient’s condition through visual assessment and use of monitoring devices.
  8. Provides periodic update to patient significant others regarding the process of the procedure.
  9. Participates in an “On-Call” rotation to ensure 24-hours procedural capability.



Bachelors Degree RN



One year RN experience within the last five years preferred. Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) desired. Experience working in a team environment is essential. Computer skills required and prior experience with electronic medical record systems preferred. Must be able to work flexible hours, which may include days, evenings, nights, holidays, and weekends and on-call.  Will need to demonstrate ability to adapt to unpredictable situations within the work setting.  Must demonstrate leadership skills, skills contributing towards a positive teamwork environment, effective communication skills, and excellent critical thinking skills. Two years perioperative services experience preferred.

How To Apply

Guthrie is an equal opportunity employer. To apply for a position at Guthrie please visit


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Aug 29, 2019


United States

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