Massage Therapist - Medical Oncology - Per Diem

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Sayre, PA, United States
Jun 3, 2019


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Robert Packer Hospital


Per Diem / As Needed

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License in Massage Therapy.

FLSA Status


Main Function

Massage therapy is a healthcare and wellness profession.  Massage therapists provide relief and relaxation to clients through the use of therapeutic massage.  The practice of message therapy involves a client/patient-centered session, intended to support therapeutic goals, with the therapist being free of personal agenda.  Message therapy also meets the well-researched need for touch and human connection.  Message therapy at its essence is human touch with clear intention, focused attention and the attitudes of compassion and non-judgement.


High school diploma or equivalent required.  Completion of a postsecondary massage therapy training program, certificate or associate degree program in massage therapy featuring a study of the different types and techniques of massage therapy, human anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and medical ethics required.

Must be licensed by passing a national or state examination. The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork administers exams that are recognized and used by 38 states and the District of Columbia.


Knowledge of medical terminology, ability to communicate, and excellent customer service. You may encounter clients seeking treatment for various muscular or skeletal ailments and clients who are just looking to relieve stress and achieve a general sense of pleasure. Must have experience in massage therapy for the last two years in any practice setting, hospital setting preferred. Needs to be able to assess each patient individually, developing personal therapy relating to diagnosis or treatment.

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Jun 3, 2019


United States

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