Registered Nurse- FT Nights Corning

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Corning, NY, United States
Jun 13, 2019


Job Description

Guthrie Entity

Corning Hospital

This position is a part of the Collective Bargaining Unit


Nights - 12 hours

Pay Grade



Registered Nurse - NY

FLSA Status


Main Function

Provides high quality nursing care for assigned patients in a scientific and humanistic focus.
The Corning Hospital Registered Nurse utilizes a holistic systems approach to protect and promote client wellness and safety in the physiological, psychological, social-cultural, developmental and spiritual domains. Nursing interventions are interdisciplinary, age specific and are directed toward optimal wellness.


Bachelors Degree RN


  1. Assessment of patients by collecting data and identifying patterns in a systematic and ongoing process.
    1. Involves patient, family, other healthcare providers in holistic data collection.
    2. Determines priority of data collections by the patient’s immediate condition or anticipated needs.
    3. Reviews patient record daily including physician progress notes, laboratory values and nurses notes.
    4. Documents data in a retrievable format.


  1. Derives the nursing diagnosis and patient problem list based on assessment data and expected outcomes (goals).
    1. Validates the nursing problems with patient, family and other healthcare providers when possible and appropriate.
    2. Documents problems in a manner that facilitates the determination of the expected outcomes and plan.
    3. Develops outcomes (goals) involving the patient, family and other healthcare providers when possible and appropriate.  Discharge goals will include appropriate planning and referrals.
    4. The developed goals will provide for continuity of care and will be modified based on changes in the status of the patient or evaluation of the situation.
    5. Documented Care Plan will be individualized to the patient (age and culturally appropriate, environmentally sensitive), list expected outcomes (goals) and include a timeline for goal achievement.
    6. Uses appropriate resources when faced with complex nursing problems.


  1. Implementation of the developed plan utilizing evidence based interventions and treatments unique to the patient need.
    1. Documents implementation and any modifications, including changes or omissions, for the identified plan.
    2. Collaborates with nursing colleagues and others to implement the plan and documents the coordination of care.
    3. Utilizes the Care Plan to provide direction to other members of the healthcare team.


  1. Develops, initiates and documents patient/family teaching plans.
    1. Uses health-teaching methods appropriate to patient’s developmental level, learning needs, readiness, ability to learn, language preference and culture.
    2. Documents an evaluation of effectiveness of patient/family education.


  1. Performs nursing care in compliance with nursing standards of practice and policies and procedures.
    1. Supports the philosophy of Corning Hospital Department of Nursing.
    2. Reports and documents accurately changes in patients’ condition and response to nursing care.
    3. Demonstrates competence in both identification of an emergency situation and in initiating appropriate plan of action safely and effectively using emergency equipment.  Delegates responsibilities to other staff members and ancillary personnel during an emergency.
    4. Demonstrates procedures and interprets policy to other member of the healthcare team.


  1. Fulfills professional role expectations and requirements.
    1. Shares knowledge and skills with peers and colleagues by recognizing and utilizing opportunities to teach other staff members, participating in orientation of new employees and collaborating with faculty in clinical experiences for healthcare students.
    2. Demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning by assessing and identifying personal learning needs, developing a plan to maintain skills and competence in clinical practice or role performance, then completing the plan.  Maintains professional records that provide evidence of competency.  Completes 10 hours of continuing education annually.
    3. Participates in performance improvement activities to initiate changes in nursing practice and in the healthcare delivery system.
    4. Participates in efforts to minimize costs and unnecessary duplication in patient care.

How To Apply

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Jun 13, 2019


United States

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