Audit Clerk- Full Time

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Sayre, PA, United States
Oct 29, 2019


Job Description

Guthrie Entity

The Guthrie Clinic


Not Applicable

Pay Grade


FLSA Status


Main Function

Obtains discharges from the floors. Assists with the qualitative analysis of the medical record. Updates deficiencies after the physician has worked on the medical record. Assists physicians in the Chart Completion Room. Assist anyone who is requesting records. Needs to possess strong analytical skills. There is also extensive problem solving involving identification and examination of issues related to accurate medical record analysis. Attention to detail is a must.


High School Grad or Equivalent


One-year previous medical record experience preferred.  Knowledge of medical terminology or successful completion of GHS medical terminology course after hire required.  Average typing ability.

How To Apply

Guthrie is an equal opportunity employer. To apply for a position at Guthrie please visit


Job Info

Oct 29, 2019


United States

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