Registered Nurse - Per Diem - Guthrie Home Health, NY

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Owego, NY, United States
Jul 9, 2019


Job Description

Guthrie Entity

Guthrie Home Health of NY


Per Diem

Pay Grade



Current registered nurse licensure with the Pennsylvania state board of nursing required.

FLSA Status


Main Function

1. Acts as the primary nurse or associate nurse in order to deliver nursing care to patients based upon physician orders.
2. As a primary nurse, receives patient assignments and takes responsibility for ensuring the completion of patient assessments, plan of care development, participation in multidisciplinary case conferences, documentation of patient care related  information and interventions, communication of the appropriate information to related care providers (home health aides, physicians, therapists, etc.) and insurances, all in accordance with the policies and procedures developed and implemented by the agency and as a result of effective communication with
3. As the associate nurse, may be required to assist with the development and implementation of any or all of the requirements mentioned above in accordance with the primary nurse and
4. Supervision, including the appropriate documentation regarding the supervision, of care provided by Home Health Aides and Licensed Practical Nurses.
5. Regarding patient related documentation, the home health registered nurse is responsible for ensuring that he or she remains up to date on the most recent federal, state and agency requirements regarding content and time of submission, taking steps to ensure that non-compliance is not an issue.
6. Assumes “on-call” responsibilities during work hours, allowing for the appropriate action regarding patient care related issues or problems and/or after hour referrals.
7. Is responsible for ensuring that he or she is able to meet and complete the yearly competencies and performance requirements as required by the agency and the Guthrie
Healthcare System.
8. Recognizes the need for, and importance of, appropriate and well-informed verbal and non-
verbal communication regarding patient care and daily agency function,   taking steps to ensure the effectiveness of this communication toward a smooth  flowing operation involving patients, families, peers, co-workers and others  associated with the agency and healthcare system.
9. Meets agency and federal requirements regarding infection control and safety measures for coworkers, patients and their families.
10. Attends staff and other meetings and educational opportunities as required by agency policy and leadership.  Agrees to provide leadership in educational opportunities as requested by management personnel.
11. Recognizes the need, and avails themselves of the opportunity, to participate in committees and activities sponsored by the agency and the Guthrie Healthcare System.
12. Recognizes that the responsibilities for provision of nursing and supportive patient care is continuously changing according to changes in the healthcare environment.  As a result, the home health registered nurse is willing to adjust to these changes according to his or her scope of nursing practice (i.e.; delivering personal care during a dressing change visit, performing intravenous therapy, HomMed, etc.).
13. Exhibits an ability and enthusiasm to participate in other activities, projects, studies and more that will lead to the personal and professional growth of themselves and other employees as well as those that support the viability of the agency as a whole.
14. Accepts and strives to achieve visit and productivity requirements, as stipulated,  by agency administration.


Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.


Experience in home health care or public health nursing is desirable. Evidence of independent nursing practice in delivering nursing care also required.

How To Apply

Guthrie is an equal opportunity employer. To apply for a position at Guthrie please visit

If you have any questions regarding this position or our apply process, please call our candidate care team at 1-833-89-NURSE.


Job Info

Jul 9, 2019


United States

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