Coordinator - Institutional Review Board - Sayre - Per Diem

Sayre, PA, United States
Nov 8, 2018


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Main Function

Provide direction and coordination in the planning, development and implementation of The Guthrie Clinics Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) in accordance with The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc. (AAHRPP). Establish and implement goals, objectives, policies and operating procedures relating to HRPP. Monitor and evaluate operational HRPP effectiveness and implement changes required for improvement. Work closely with institutional leadership to ensure compliance with the ethical and regulatory requirements for human subjects research.


This position requires an Associate degree in a relevant field.


Three years’ experience in a medical setting such as a physician’s office, clinical secretary, or other healthcare setting. Previous experience in clinical drug trials and an approved medical terminology course are desirable. Computer proficiency with word processing, spread sheets, internet, e-mail and data bases is necessary. Ability to function with a high degree of independent judgment, perform multiple complex tasks, possess excellent organizational skills, and work under pressure of tight deadlines is highly desirable.

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Nov 8, 2018


United States